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GATE ADMISSION: Friday September 22 thru Sunday October 1, 2017.
$5 per person
Children 5 and under are free

SCHOOL PASSES: School Passes can only be used on weekdays, Monday through Thursday, and on Sunday.
School Passes are NOT VALID on Fridays and Saturdays.

ARMBANDS FOR RIDES: Armbands for Rides can be purchased from Dixieland on the Midway for $25.
They can only be used during the week from Monday through Thursday, on Saturday afternoons from noon until 5:00 PM, and on Sunday.
ARMBANDS CANNOT BE PURCHASED for use on Fridays or Saturday nights.

MEGA PASSES: Mega Passes can be purchased for $25. It includes gate admission and unlimited rides, and can be used any time during the fair including Fridays and Saturdays.

MEGA PASSES must be purchased by Thursday, September 21st at midnight BEFORE the Fair begins.
See the MEGA PASSES tab on the home page or FAQs under the ABOUT tab for details and locations to purchase them.
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